Grand Prix History in Scale Models

Collector’s Basics

Formula143 Collector’s Guide

Part 1. Collector Basics

Part 2. Few words about technology. What are models made of?

Part 3. The Brands. What scale models are there and who makes them?

Part 4. The Market. How much do models cost and where to buy them?

Part 5. Photo Studio. How to make quality photos of scale models?

Part 6. Cabinets and display cases. How to exhibit scale models?

I have been collecting scale models for quite some time – the first model of a Formula 1 car I bought in 1994. However, I began to systematically form the collection much later – in 2007-2009. Then there were periods of decline and renewed interest in the collection, caused by both personal or professional circumstances, and waves of interest in the subject of the collection – the history of motor racing. However, all these years I have intuitively followed some basic principles. Now it’s time to formalize these principles and share them with readers. There are few of them, and they are extremely subjective and probably obvious.

A collection is not the main thing in life. Do not let the collection control you.

Collecting is addictive. Having bought one model, one immediately wants the following. Often this turns into an addictive state similar to alcoholism or drug addiction. It is important to stop in time and not follow the momentary desires or emotions. Always keep in mind  that a collection is not the main thing in life. There is a family, work, travel, and other hobbies – TV, books, sports, hunting, fishing, beer (underline your choice). Without restraining mechanisms, it is easy to turn into an obsessed collector from a collector who methodically forms his collection. Do not let the collection control you.

Theme of the collection

It’s impossible to collect everything. There will not be enough financial resources or time for this. To the question “what are you collecting?” many answer – I buy what I liked. Of course, you should like what you collect. But it would be nice to find your own niche in collecting, your own path, and your own interest. A good thematic collection is always better than a haphazard collection of everything that came to hand or liked. It’s great when the collection is a complement to some other hobby or profession. For example, for me, a collection devoted to the history of Grand Prix racing is a continuation of general interest in the history of auto racing, which is also implemented in other ways – reading books, searching for historical materials, writing articles and books.

Money. Plan and limit your budget

Having fallen into a state of obsession with collecting, you can easily spend all your money on models. Remember point 1 – the collection is not the main thing in life. This is just a hobby, and one of many. Accordingly, in your budget, spending on the collection should go under the heading “entertainment”. Someone can afford to fly to distant countries for the weekend, someone can buy ice cream, and someone can order five or six scale models. Spend on the collection no more than you can afford without sacrificing other expenses. Anyway, you can’t buy all models you wish. One more point about money – collecting models is not an investment. You can never sell a collection for the money you spent on it.

Aesthetics. Collection must be on display

In the matter of collecting scale models, the aesthetic component is one of the main ones. Models are beautiful. And so they deserve a corresponding attitude. Models should not stand in the old sideboard among the muddy glasses, and, moreover, gather dust in boxes in the closet or in the garage. Models must be exhibited, and that’s that.

The more worthy conditions for models you create, the more pleasure and satisfaction you will get from the  collection. If the conditions do not allow you to equip a good showcase at home, display the collection on the Internet. Not without reason there are thousand private collections pages on the popular scale  model forums.

2 thoughts on “Collector’s Basics

  1. Thank you for sharing your comments and suggestions in the Collector Basics article. I has helped put more perspective on my own collecting pursuits and reminded me to control my desires.


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