Grand Prix History in Scale Models


Important source of Grand Prix and Formula 1 diecast model cars are numerous magazine collections distributed by publishing houses via kiosks and / or by subscription. This form of commercial activity  has its rootes in partwork editions and became very popular since the 1990s. Each issue of such collection includes a magazine or booklet and a diecast scale models. Models usually are relatively simple and cheap, but the quality to price ratio makes magazine models a good addition (or sometimes, alternative) to the models produced by regular manufacturers. There are few magazine collections devoted exclusively to Formula 1 – to be exact, only 5 – RBA Collection;  Gran Prix Legends Collection; Ferrari F1 Collection in various editions; Lendas Brasileiras do Automobilismo; and Formula 1 Auto Collection in many national variants. But there were or are many other collections on particular manufacturer, period or person which include sporadic GP or F1 cars. The market of magazine collection initially was restricted to some European countries, especially Italy, Spain and France, but it is currently growing and globalizing, spanning many regions of the world including Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

RBA Collectionundefined
Leyendas de la Formula Unoundefined
Ferrari F1 Collectionundefined
Ferrari Racing Collection
Ferrari F1 and Racing Collection
Ferrari Collection
Lendas Brasileiras do Automobilismo undefined
Formula 1 Auto Collection, Italyundefined
Formula 1 La Collection de Voitures, Franceundefined
Formula 1 The Car Collection, UK and Ireland
Formula. 1 The Car Collection, South Africa
Formula 1 The Car Collection, Australia
Formula 1 The Car Collection, New Zealand
Formula 1 The Car Collection, Malaysia and Singapore
Formula 1 The Car Collection, Netherlands
Formula 1 Rennwagen Kollektion, Germany
Formula 1 The Car Collection, Spain
Formula 1 The Car Collection, Portugal
Formula 1 The Car Collection, Argentina
Formula 1 Machine Collection , Japan
Formula 1 Auto Collection, Russia
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