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Coleccion Camiones Pegaso

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Pegaso Troner racing truck

Pegaso trucks collection was issued by Salvat and was distributed in Spain from September 2018 to February 2021. Collection consists of 60 regular issues and 6 extra models available for subscribers. Scale models were produced by IXO and included various types of Pegaso trucks and vans manufactured by Pegaso in 1946 – 2017. Racing theme in collection is supported by Pegaso Troner racing truck of 1989 season, erroneously indicated as 1990 (issue 53), and three Dakar rally vehicles of 1986, 1988 and 1990 (issues 25, 40 and 8, respectively). The promotional price of the first issue was 6.99 euros, issue 2 costs 15.99 Euros, while other regular issues were sold for 24.99 Euros. Pegaso Z-102 (1953) from  24 Horas de Le Mans was among additional models for subscribers (issue R4).

Pegaso Dakar trucks of 1986, 1988 and 1990

Coleccion Camiones Pegaso models in Formula143 Collection

List of Coleccion Camiones Pegaso issues

1Pegaso 1060 Cabezón1964Campofrio
2Pegaso II Z-203 Diésel1956Transportes del MAZO
3Pegaso 1231 T1982Campsa
4Pegaso Ekus 1210-61988Race
5Pegaso 1060L “Cabezón”1970Tradisa
6Pegaso Comet 5061 Seida “Bus”1963Iberia
7Pegaso Comet 1100 L Comet1963Ejercito de tierra
8Pegaso 3046 Dakar1990París Dakar
9Pegaso 5070 Setra Seida S141967ALSA
10Pegaso 1231-T1983Transportes Caudete, S.A.
11Pegaso 10311960Cementos Tigre
12Pegaso 1065 L Europa1969Transportes SOLAZO
13Pegaso 1240-40 TX Troner1988Transportes Istisua
14Pegaso 1183/701985Bomberos Endesa
15Pegaso 73231990Ejército de Tierra
16Pegaso 1066 “Cabezón”1966CASINTRA
17Pegaso Trakker 2601992
18Pegaso 5151983COPESE
19Pegaso 1080L1972SIT Transportes Internacionales
20Pegaso 1065L Europa1970Signes
21Pegaso 60351974Alsina Graells
22Pegaso I1946Transportes generales BRITO
23Pegaso Ekus 12101986IBERIA
24Pegaso Tecno 2331 K1989Hormiguera
25Pegaso 72221986Dakar
26Pegaso 30781976Obras
27Pegaso 3045 D1966Ejército del Aire
28Pegaso 3060 L “Cabezón”1967Calderería Ibérica
29Pegaso 1082/561973Piensos Biona
30Pegaso 1095 LDR Capitoné1968Mudanzas Zaragoza
31Pegaso 6040 Monotral1960Vicente Savall
32Pegaso BLR1996Guardia Civil
33Pegaso 1437-38 Troner1990Fábrica
34Pegaso 20801972MATEU & MATEU
35Pegaso Z-207 Barajas1956
36Pegaso 30411980
37Pegaso Mider 260 TI Volquete1990Derribos Contreras
38Pegaso 5062 A1976Garatge Montserrat
39Pegaso S-5151980Garaje Rodriguez
40Pegaso Troner 22361988Dakar
41Pegaso 1121 “cabina estrecha”1983Fimesa Bomberos
42Pegaso BT9 Pegaso II1950Bomberos de Barcelona
43Pegaso Z-202 125 CV1950Codirníu
44Pegaso 1135L1981Unidad Móvil de Televisión Española
45Pegaso BMR 6002017Policía Nacional
46Pegaso Z-403 “Monocasco”1952Aviaco
47Pegaso 60381986EMT de Madrid
48Pegaso 1965 L1968El Juanito
49Pegaso 140 D.C.I.1958Bomberos de Puertollano
50Pegaso Z-1601 Eléctrico1952Fábrica
51Pegaso Z-2071958Campsa
52Pegaso 30761976Grúa
53Pegaso Troner1990Pegaso Racing
54Pegaso 3055 “Teruel”1986Ejército de tierra “lanzacohetes”
55Pegaso 11211981Donuts
56Pegaso Tecno 12341981Transportes MACAYA
57Pegaso 1010 DCI1960Bomberos
58Pegaso 11211980Coren
59Pegaso Z-404 Seida1957EMT
60Pegaso Solo 5001989Fábrica

Additional issues for subscribers

R1Seat 850
R2Pegaso Z-102
R3Pegaso Sava J-4 Recambios originales
R4Pegaso Z-102 (1953) 24 Horas de Le Mans
R5Pegaso Bacalao
R6Pegaso 1431 “Bocanegra
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