Grand Prix History in Scale Models

La Saga Gordini

Publisher / Distributor
Models’ Manufacturer

French magazine collection on the history of Gordini make. Published by Editions Atlas, models by Eligor. Test series was launched in France in September 2014, full collection started in January 2016 with once a month issue frequency. First issue cost was 4.99 Euros (free shipping), cost of issue 2 – 9.90 (plus 4.90 shipping),  and the regular price of issue 3 onwards was 23.90 (plus 4.90 shipping). At least 27 issues of the series were released. There are 4 Gord Grand Prix racing cars (all present in m y collection) – T32 (1956), T16 (1952), T15 (1947) and T16 Ecurie Belge(1954). Gordinis 15 and 16 in this collection is the same model as Simca-Gordini T15 from Le Belles Annees Simca Collection by Altaya. Simca-Gordini T15 model in Saga Gordini Collection is designated as Trintignant’s car from 1948 Pau GP, but this attribution is incorrect –the car represented was driven by Trintignant at 1949 Pau GP. It is noteworthy that the same model in Simca Collection is attributed correctly.

La Saga Gordini moldes in Formula143 Collection:

List of La Saga Gordini Collection

1-Renault 8 Gordini 1300 1966
2-Alpine Renault A 110 Le Mans 1968
3-Simca Gordini 8 Sport Monte Carlo 1950
4-Renault 12 Gordini 1972
5-Alpine Renault A 442B 1978
6-Renault Dauphine Gordini 1957
7-Renault R 17 Gordini 1972
8-Gordini type 32, Formule 1 – 1956 (chassis 42)
9-Renault 5 Gordini 1982
10-Gordini type 16, Formule 2, 1952 (châssis n°33)
11-Renault 12 Break Gordini
12-Renault Dauphine Gordini 1958
13-Gordini Type 18S 1950
14-Alpine A 210 Le Mans 1969
15-Renault R 17 Gordini « Rallye » 1974
16-Gordini type 15 Formule 1100 1947
17-Renault 8 Gordini Rallye
18-Renault R12 Gordini, Rallye 1973
19-Gordini type 18S, Le Mans 1950 châssis n°20
20-Renault 8 Gordini “Coupe Gordini” 1967
21-Gordini type 16 écurie Belge
22-Renault 12 Gordini Tour de Corse 75
23-Alpine A210 Gordini le Mans 1968
24-Renault Dauphine Gordini Rallye 1959
25-Renault 17 Rallye
26-Renault 12 Gordini Raid Transafricain le Cap-Alger (frères Marreau)
27-R8 Gordini – Equipe de France de Ski JO 1968

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