Grand Prix History in Scale Models

Avtolegendy SSSR – Gruzoviki

Publisher / Distributor
Model’s Manufacturer

The collection of legendary USSR trucks was issued by de Agostini  as supplementary collection to Avtolegendy SSSR (Legendary cars of the USSR). Models were made by PCT, 57 regular issues were published since March 2017 to November 2019. Collection was terminated prematurely – 75 issues were planned initially. The price of the issue was 899 rubles (issues 1-42) or 999 rubles (issues 43-57).

Seven special issues were also on sale. After the collection completion an additional special issue – Rally trucks No. 1 appeared representing KAMAZ-43509, 2020 Dakar winning truck.

Issue 21. GAZ-3309
Special Issue 1 – 2020 Dakar KAMAZ

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