Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1990, Alessandro Nannini, Benetton, Minichamps

1990 Benetton B190 Nannini

B190 was raced by Benetton Formula in the 1990 season. The car replaced its predecessor B189 after first two races of the season. Works drivers Nelson Piquet and Alessandro Nannini  competed against Ferrari with Prost and Mansell and McLaren with Senna and Berger. Nannini achieved 3 podium finishes in B190 (2nd in Germany and 3rd in San Marino and Spain), but serious forearm injury in helicopter crash near Siena put the unexpected end to his F1 promising career.

Driver No.Entrant
Alessandro Nannini19 Benetton Formula
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43MinichampsBenetton 43 No. 8
Cat. No.QualityRarity
Note: Limited Edition of 3024

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