MS80 was produced be Matra for the 1969 Formula 1 season. The Ford-Cosworth DFV 3000 cc 240 bhp powered car was raced by Jackie Stewart and Jean-Pierre Beltoise. The “Flying Scotsman” took the Driver’s Championship winning  5 out of 11 Championship races of the season. His French teammate Beltoise was 5th in the Championship with two podium finishes: 3rd positions in Spain and Italy. Matra, as the other teams, experimented a lot with the high wings during first races of the season, and the version of Beltoise’ car from the Spanish GP has the high wing on the rear. After several dramatic crashes caused by the unstable  high wings in Spain, this kind of aerodynamic solutions was banned by the FIA’s International Sporting Commission.

1969F1WCSpanish GP
Driver No.Entrant
Jean-Pierre Beltoise8Matra International
Scale ManufacturerCollection
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