Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1948, Brumm, Talbot

1948 Talbot-Lago T26C

1948Grand Prix
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Antonio Franco Lago was an Italian engineer and motor-industry entrepreneur. In 1934 he bought the French branch of Automobiles Talbot and founded the marque Talbot-Lago. In 1948 Talbot-Lago constructed T26C model under regulations of 4.5 liter racing formula. The T26C made its competition debut at the 1948 Monaco Grand Prix when the car retired due to engine trouble, but on the next race, Grand Prix du Salon at Monthlery T26C took spectacular 1-2-3 win by the efforts of works drivers Louis Rosier, Pierre Levegh and Yves Giraud-Cabantous. The first major victory in Grandes Epreuves came in 1949 at Belgian Grand Prix with Rosier. In 1950 – 1951 Talbot T26C was the regular starter at Grand Prix races including world Championship events, but without significant success. Talbot-Lago T26C carrying racing number 5 may be attributed to Yves Giraud-Cabantous at 1948 Grand Prix du Salon, to Guy Mairesse at 1949 Grand Prix du Salon or to Pierre Levegh at 1950 Grand Prix de Paris. All three races were held at Monthlery, but number format is unknown to me. Help with the identification of the race is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “1948 Talbot-Lago T26C

  1. 1948
    IV Grand Prix du Salon
    10 Ottobre 1948 – Montlhéry
    48 giri x 6,283 km = 301,584 km
    Pos N° Pilota Squadra Costruttore Motore Giro
    1 7 Louis ROSIER Privé Talbot Lago T26C Talbot L6 48
    2 8 Pierre LEVEGH Privé Talbot Lago T26C Talbot L6 48
    3 5 Yves GIRAUD-CABANTOUS Privé Talbot Lago T26 Talbot L6 47


    1. 1948 GP du Salon is one of the possible attribution of the model.
      But photo proof is needed to be confident. Do you have any pictures of Talbot T26C #5?


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