Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1895, Altaya Michelin Collection, Andre Michelin, Etienne-Edouard Michelin, IXO, L'Eclair

1895 L’Eclaire Michelin

1895City to CityParis – Bordeaux
Driver No.Entrant
Andre Michelin / Etienne-Edouard Michelin46
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43IXOAltaya Michelin Collection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

1895 was the year when first ever real motor race was held. It was the Paris – Bordeaux competition, first big city-to-city race, followed later by series of such races, which were the dominant form of motor racing during the first decade of motor racing history. Michelin brother planned to test their new pneumatic tyres during the race. Because no one of car manufacturers had interest to their invention, they entered his own self-made car L’Eclair. It was a modified Peugeot quadricycle fitted with the Daimler V2 engine taken from the boat. This engine was too large to take the usual place under the seat and was mounted behind the rear axle. The race was won by Emile Levassor on his 4 hp Panhard-Levassor 2 seater. Only 9 cars were able to reach Paris. Michelin’s L’Eclaire came 10th but exceeded the time limit of 100 hours and was not classified. The scale model is manufactured by IXO as the part of Altaya Michelin Collection.

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