Grand Prix History in Scale Models

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1899 Jenatzy “La Jamais Contente” Jenatzy

1899Speed Record TrialsAcheres Speed Trials
Driver No.Entrant
Camille Jenatzy
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

Belgian driver and engineer Camille Jenatzy was a famous figure in early motor racing. He took part in big city to city races such as Paris – Ostende Tour de France Automobile and Paris – Saint Malo in 1899, as well as in the first Gordon-Bennett Trophy in 1900. His only win in city to city competitions was Criterium de Provence in 1900, one of the minor early events. Along with long races Jenatzy’s passion was short speed record trials. In December 1898 first officially recognized attempt to set the speed record was organized in Acheres Park near Paris, France. Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat on 40 hp Jeantaud set first flying kilometer record averaging 63.137 kph. Jenatzy challenged the winner but record holder won several record runs.  Jenatzy did not intend to give up and built “La Jamais Contente”, his famous cigar-shaped record electric car. He made an attempt on April 29th 1899 at Acheres and covered the standing kilometre in 47.8 secs, and the flying in 34 secs, being the first who overcame the 100 kph barrier, averaging 105.856 kph. “La Jamais Contente” (Never Satisfied) had a light alloy torpedo shaped bodywork and was powered by electric batteries. Now the car is on display t the automobile museum in Compiègne, France.

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