Decauville was a French automobile maker founded by Paul Decauville in 1897. The company started car manufacturing in 1898. The design of the cars was ordered to Joseph Guédon and Gustave Cornilleau for 250 000 French francs. The first production car was  three-seater voiturette powered by 3 hp de Dion – Bouton engine. Like many others fresh car companies, Decauville entered the motor racing immediately and won in one of the voiturette classes in 1898 Paris – Amsterdam trial. Next year Decauville voiturette was first in Tour de France Automobile in its class. In 1900 the original model was joined 1900 by a 5 hp water-cooled model with vis-à-vis type body and shortly an 8 hp model was developed. 5 hp vis-­a-vis  took the Daily Mail prize in the 1900 English Thousand Miles Non-stop Trial. In 1901 8 hp car started in Pau – Peyrehorade – Pau touring car race in hands of company’s designer and chief engineer Gustave Cornilleau, and Leon Thery won voiturette class in Nice – Draugingan  – Nice race, while more powerful 16 hp racing cars were entered for major races of the year – Paris – Bordeaux and Paris – Berlin. This scale model made by Safir in the 1960s represents 5 hp vis-à-vis of 1901.

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