Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1988, Alessandro Nannini, Benetton, Onyx

1988 Benetton B188 Nannini

B188 designed by Rory Byrne was the first non-turbo powered team’s car since its debut as Toleman in 1981. In fact, Benetton was the works Ford team in 1988, which exclusively used new 3.5.L Ford DFR V8 engine, while other Ford customers in the peloton had to rely on  1987’s DFZ engine. The DFR developed 620 bhp was the most powerful atmospheric engine of the season compared with 590 bhp for the older DFZ V8. But turbocharged Honda and Ferrari engines capable of 650 bhp were far ahead. The B188 was driven by Belgian Thierry Boutsen, 1987 team driver, and newcomer Alessandro Nannini who joined Benetton after two years in Minardi. The 1988 season was completely dominated by McLaren-Honda with Ferrari in a role of a beaten opponent. Benetton was a consistent runner and a third force in the peloton. Thierry Boutsen scored 5 3rd place finishes and took 4th position in the Drivers’ Championship, while Nannini scored 12 with 2 3rd places. In overall Constructor’s Championship standing Benetton finished 3rd with 39 points, 26 points behind Ferrari but 16 points ahead of 4th placed Lotus. Two models of B188 in Formula143 collection represents 2 brands – Onyx and Minichamps. This Nannini’s B188 is contemporary Onyx production from “first generation” of Onyx models of 1988-1993: poorer detailing and lower quality comparing to the model of the same car from Minichamps.

Driver No.Entrant
Alessandro Nannini19Benetton Formula Ltd
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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