Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1905, Alessandro Cagno, Brumm, Fiat

1905 FIAT 110 hp Cagno

The FIAT company constructed new heavy racing car capable of 110 hp for the 1905 racing season which culminated with the 5th edition of the Gordon Bennett Cup. Three FIATs entered by the Automobile Club of Italy were driven in the Gordon Bennett race by Felice Nazzaro, Vincenzo Lancia and Alessandro Cagno. The race was won by Leon Thery on Richard Brasier, but FIAT demonstrated excellent performance and finished 2-3 with Nazzaro and Cagno, while Lancia retired because of broken radiator. Later that year 110 hp also started at the other major races of the season – Coppa Florio and Vanderbilt Cup. At both events the best FIAT driver was Lancia finished 3rd and 4th, respectively. This particular Brumm model (described as Gordon Bennett type) cannot be attributed to Gordon Bennett race. Most probably that model’s prototype was ex-1905 Bennett Cup FIAT which Cagno drove in the 1905 Mont Ventoux hillclimb bearing number 5.

1905Hill ClimbsMont Ventoux Hillclimb
Driver No.Entrant
Alessandro Cagno5
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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