Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1910, Benz, Brumm, David Bruce-Brown

1910 Benz Grand Prix 150 hp Bruce Brown

Benz racing history goes back to the very beginning of the motorsport – it took part in the first organized motorsport event – Paris – Rouen trial in 1894. In 1890s – 1910s Benz was the regular entrant of many major automobile races. In 1910 Benz Grand Prix 150 hp cars, based on 1908 GP model, were entered for 1910 American Grand Prize held at Savannah, Georgia. David Bruce-Brown, Victor Hemery and Willie Haupt were the works drivers of the German team. Their main rivals were brilliant FIAT’s squad of Felice Nazzaro, Louis Wagner and Ralph De Palma. FIAT drivers initially took the lead, but all three retired due to technical problems and crashes, opening the way to German cars. The race ends in a one-two victory for Benz, with David Bruce-Brown and Victor Hémery crossing the finish line only seconds apart. This Brumm model is designated by factory as 1909 Blitzen Benz. The Italian scale model manufacturer was not very accurate in historical aspects, at least in their early models. Actually the model, despite being very similar to Blitzen in the body of GP car,  represents 1910 GP car based on 150 hp model of 1908, driven in 1910 American Grand Prize by Bruce-Brown. As to Blitzen Benz, Brumm has two more versions of this car in its production list. Both are represented in Formula 143 Collection.

1910GPAmerican GP
Driver No.Entrant
David Bruce-Brown15Benz & Cie.
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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