Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1994, Mark Blundell, Onyx, Tyrrell

1994 Tyrrell 022 Blundell

Tyrrell 022 designed by Mike Gascoyne for 1994 Formula One season was driven by Mark Blundell and Ukyo Katayama. It was the usual construction featured carbon fibre monocoque, semi-automatic gearbox and powered by Yamaha OX10B V10 engine. The engine was very unreliable and both Blundell and Katayama had retired in more than half of the races. But if the car was able to get the checkered flag, it was usually in small points. The best finish of the season was Blundell’s 3rd place in the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Driver No.Entrant
Mark Blundell4Tyrrell Racing Organisation
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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