Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1923, Alfa Romeo, Fabbri Alfa Sport, Metro, Ugo Sivocci

1923 Alfa Romeo RLTF Sivocci

The Alfa Romeo RL was the first Alfa’s sport model after World War I produced between 1922-1927. The car was designed in 1921 by Giuseppe Merosi and was built in three different versions: Normale, Turismo and Sport. The RLTF, prepared for Traga Florio, was the race version of RL – it weighed half of normal car, the engine had higher displacement (3154 cc vs 2996 cc), seven main bearings instead of four and double carburetors and was capable of 95 bhp. In 1923 Alfa Romeo’s race team consisted of  Ugo Sivocci, Antonio Ascari, Giulio Masetti and Enzo Ferrari  was entered for Targa Florio. Ugo Sivocci who drove the car #13 won the race. Ascari was 2nd, Masetti 4th, while Ferrari retired. Sivocci’s car had green cloverleaf symbol on white background and when he won Targa Florio, that symbol was to become the Alfa team’s good luck token.

1923Formula LibreTarga Florio
Driver No.Entrant
Ugo Sivocci13Alfa Romeo SpA
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43 Metro Model Cars Fabbri Alfa Romeo Sport Collection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
No. 33

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