Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1924, Brumm, De Agostini 100 Anni di Italia in Automobile, Ernest Eldridge, Fiat, Record Cars

1924 FIAT Mefistofele Eldridge

The Fiat Mephistopheles (known in Italian as Mefistofele) is a record racing car created by Sir Ernest Eldridge in 1923 by combining a Fiat racing car chassis and FIAT aeroplane engine. Eldridge bought the 1908 Fiat SB4  and replaced its orogonal engine with a 6-cylinder, 21.7 litre (21706 cc) Fiat A.12 aeroplane engine producing 316 bhp. On July 12th of 1924 Eldridge on his modified racer, now called the Mefistofele due to its ominous smoke and explosions produced by the engine, set the world land speed record in Arpajon, France after achieving a top speed of 234.980 km/h (146 mph). The record would remain for 32 days. It is believed that this was the last land speed record set on public roads. This scale model by Brumm is the subscriber’s gift for 100 Anni di Italia in Automobile magazine collection published by De Agostini. The regular model by Brumm is in red color and is dated as 1923.

1924Speed Record TrialsArpajon Record Run
Driver No.Entrant
Ernest Eldridge
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Brumm de Agostini 100 Anni di Italia in Automobile
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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