Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1925, Alfa Romeo, Fabbri Alfa Sport, Gastone Brilli-Peri, Metro

1925 Alfa Romeo P2 Brilli-Peri

Alfa Romeo P2 was one of the most successful Alfa racing car. In 1924-1930 the P2 won in 14 Grand Prix and major events including the Targa Florio. Alfa Romeo has built their first Grand Prix car, P1, in 1923. The P1 was designed by Giuseppe Merosi, but the car proved to be non-competitive against FIAT and other rivals. In 1923 Alfa Rome hired new designer from FIAT, Vittorio Jano to prepare the new GP car – P2. It was born in 1924. The P2 was powered by Alfa’s first straight-8 cylinder supercharged engine with 2 carburettors placed after the compressor, capable of 140 bhp. In 1925 new version of the engine produced 150 bhp was built. 1925 Italian GP was held in Monza on 6 September 1925. Alfa Romeo entered three P2 for Giuseppe Campari, Pete DePaolo and Gastone Billi-Peri. Count Brilli-Peri, known simply as “Brilli”, was  former motorcycle racer.  He used to race wearing a hat similar to a Basque beret, which is now known in Italy as a brilliperi. Brilli-Peri took the lead in the middle of the race and won comfortably almost in 19 minutes ahead of Giuseppe Campari. For Brilli-Peri it was his first Grand Prix victory, and the major success in his career. In 1929, still in the Alfa Romeo P2, he won the Circuit of Cremona and the Tripoli Grand Prix. Brilli-Perri was killed in 1930 during practice for Tripoli Grand Prix. The victory of Brilli-Peri in the Italian Grand Prix also secured the first Manufacturers’ World Championship, sanctioned by AIACR, for Alfa Romeo.

1925Grand PrixItalian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Gastone Brilli-Peri14SA Ital. Ing. Nicola Romeo
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Metro Model Cars Fabbri Alfa Romeo Sport Collection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
No. 41

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