The Bugatti T51 was the successor of the famous Bugatti T35. The car emerged in 1931 and raced in major events in 1931 – 1933. T51 was powered by twin overhead cam evolution of the supercharged 2.3 L engine appeared in T35B. The engine produced 160 hp. The Type 51 is visually very similar to the Type 35. The obvious external differences of a Type 51 are: the supercharger blow-off outlet is lower the bonnet in the louvered section; one piece cast wheels instead of bolted on rims; twin fuel caps behind the driver and finally the magneto being off-set to the left on the dash. In 1931 Louis Chiron and Achille Varzi won the French Grand Prix driving the T51. In 1932 the best result of T51 in major Grand Prix was 4th place by Louis Chiron in French GP, and in 1933 Achille Varzo in T51  won in Monaco. The Matchbox 1:35 scale model of the 1980s is from “Models of Yesteryear” series.

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1:35MatchboxModels of Yesteryear
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