Grand Prix History in Scale Models

2006, Jarno Trulli, Minichamps, Toyota

2006 Toyota TF106 Trulli

High expectations for Toyota based on very impressive 2005 season were not realized next year. The drivers line-up remained the same – Ralf Schumacher and Jarno Trully. The 2006 Toyota car, TF106, was the evolution of TF105 with modifications  in aerodynamics, engine (V8 2.4 L instead of V10 3 L) and transmission (7-speed semi-automatic) according to changes in F1 technical regulations. But the rivals’ progress was more impressive, and Panasonic Toyota team stepped back. Ralf Schumacher achieved 3rd position in Australia, round 3 of the Championship, but it was the only podium finish for Toyota that season. At Monaco Grand Prix the B version of the car was introduced, and on the second half of the season Trulli and Schumacher were able to score some points regularly. For Jarno the best result was 4th position in US Grand Prix in Indianapolis. In the Drivers’ Championship standings Trulli was 12th with 15 points, and Schumacher took the last position in the top-10 with 20 points.

Driver No.Entrant
Jarno Trulli8Panasonic Toyota Racing
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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