Giancarlo Martini, uncle of the racing drivers Pierluigi Martini and Olivier Martini, in the mid-1970 drove in European formula 2 championship for Scuderia Everest, the team run by Giancarlo Minardi.  In 1976 on behalf of Scuderia Everest Giancarlo Minardi signed a three-year deal with Ferrari to enter a Ferrari 312T in secondary events with the aim to provide talented up-and-coming Italian drivers with F1 experience. Scuderia Everest ran the loaned Ferrari 312T-021 for Giancarlo Martini in the Daily Mail Race of Champions at Brands Hatch and in the BRDC International Trophy at Silverstone – these were the year’s only non-championship events. Martini, who was 28 at the time, managed to shunt 312T on the warm-up lap in Brands Hatch and finished 10th in the International Trophy. Quartzo made the models from both races, car #36 with the white upper air intake from Brands (4054A), and car #36 with black one from Silverstone (4054B). For both models the car is designated as “British GP 1976 ‘Test Car’” on the plate. See also model of Martini’s car from BRDC Int’l Trophy from Ferrari F1 Collection.

1976F1Race of Champions
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Giancarlo Martini36Scuderia Everest
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