Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1953, Cooper, Formula 2, K&R Replicas, Stirling Moss

1953 Cooper-Alta T24 Moss

Cooper Car Company entered the Grand Prix racing as a factory team in 1953,  although in the first F2 World Championship season in 1952 many Cooper cars started under the banner of various private teams. In the first race of 1953 season in Argentina Coopers T20 and T23 from the season before were entered, and then new T24 car in the hands of Stirling Moss appeared. Cooper T24 was the further evolution of light front-engined Cooper racing vehicles. Comparing to T23 which was not great in the aerodynamics, T24 chassis had lower profile due to  shark-like inlet on the top of the nose as on T23 would become thrown away in favor of an incorporated smooth cowling. The Cooper-Alta T24 Special used a longitudinal multi-carburetor  4-cylinder Alta engine capable to produce 150 bhp. While longitudinal in its layout, the carburetors, and air inlets, were positioned along the side of the engine instead of on the top like that of the Bristol engine of T23. 24-years old Stirling Moss was a main driver of the Cooper team in 1953. Moss started in 3 major Grand Prix (in France, Germany and Italy) and finished best as 6 at the German race. Best results for T24 were achieved at the end of the season in the non-championship races – T24 scores a 2nd place result in the Madgwick Trophy race at Goodwood with Stirling Moss at the wheel. Moss would also earn a 5th place result at the Coronation Trophy. This white metal model by K&R Replicas reproduces the Cooper Alta T24 driven by Moss in the 1953 Italian Grand Prix when he finished 13th.

1953F2WCItalian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Stirling Moss28Cooper Car Company
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43K&R Replicas
Cat. No.QualityRarity
Factroy built kit

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