Ferguson P99 was the first four-wheel drive car in formula 1. It was built by Ferguson for the Rob Walker Racing Team in 1961. Harry Ferguson Research Limited was a British company which is best known as farm tractors manufacturer. It also developed four-wheel drive systems for cars. The attempt to introduce AWD proved by Ferguson in road cars to F1 was not very successful. Obsolete front-engined bodywork design along with lack of F1 experience resulted in the vehicle technically interesting but not competitive at the top level. The car raced by Rob Walker’s team during the 1961 season in UK F1 races with the only appearance in  the World Championship at the British Grand Prix. Car driven by Jack Fairman was qualified 20th, while leader of the Walker’s team Stirling Moss took 5th position in the qualifying at the wheel of  Lotus 18/21. In the race  Moss retired after 44 laps due to brakes failure of his Lotus and then took over the Ferguson from Fairman, but drove new car only 12 laps  – Ferguson was disqualified for the push-start from the pits. Later that season Moss drove the P99 to victory in International Gold Cup at Oulton Park, where the 4WD car managed to realized its advantage on a damp track. This is the only victory of a four-wheel drive car in F1. This Auto replicas scale model reproduces Moss’ winning car from this race.

1961F1Oulton Park Gold Cup
Driver No.Entrant
Stirling Moss7RRC Walker Racing Team
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Auto Replicas
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