Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1952, Chico Landi, Formula 2, Formula143 Special, Maserati, Volarebrasil

1952 Maserati A6GCM Landi

Francesco “Chico” Landi was the Brazilian racing driver often considered as first “true” Brazilian Grand Prix driver. He started his motor racing career in 1930s with the debut race at his home Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix in 1934. Later he went to Europe finishing 8th in Berne in 1938. Landi has the privilege to be the first Brazilian driver to win a Grand Prix race, taking a Ferrari to victory at the Bari Grand Prix in 1948, which was held in formula 2 class. In 1952-53 Landi established his own team with three Maserati A6GCM to compete in Grand Prix racing in Europe. Gino Bianco drove the second car, and in addition to two Brazilians Heitel Cantoni from Uruguay completed the roster. Brazilian’s cars were painted yellow with green wheels – in national colors as it was required by FIA. Landi’s team called Escuderia Bandeirantes, which literally meant “The team of Flag Bearers”.The name would today be called politically incorrect as Bandeirantes were 16-18th century Brazilian slave hunters, who later turned their attention to gold and diamonds. In a wider aspect Bandeirantes means the first inhabitants of Sao Paulo state, the homeland of Chico Landi, men who went through the so far unknown lands. So the team’s name may be interpreted as the team headed to face the “unknown land” of European motor racing. Landi participated in 5 major Grand Prix  races counted to Drivers’ World Championship in 1952-53, and his best result was 8th place in the 1952 Italian GP. He also finished second in the 1952 non-championship Albi Grand Prix in a Ferrari 375. In 1956 Landi was seen in GP racing once again finishing 4th in Argentinian GP in shared drive of Maserati 250F with Gerino Gerini.

This Maserati A6GCM scale model representing Landi’s car from 1952 Italian GP is handmade model built by Volarebrasil especially for Formula143 Collection.  A6GCM was the racing monoposto from the series of Maserati A6GC models. The model’s index consisted of A for Alfieri Maserati; 6 for six cylinders; G  for “Ghisa”, cast iron, the engine block material; and CM for CM: Corsa Monoposto,  single-seater racing car. A6GCM cars were built in 1951-53 and were powered by 2-litre engines  capable of 160-190 bhp, developed by Gioacchino Colombo and built by Medardo Fantuzzi.

1952F2WCItalian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Chico Landi48Escuderia Bandeirantes
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
Formula143 Special Edition
5 out of 5 pcs Limited Edition

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