Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1963, Lola, Maurice Trintignant, Spark

1963 Lola Mk4A Trintignant

Lola Mk4 built by Eric Broadley in 1962 at the request of Reg Parnell was the first Lola construction in Formula 1. Reg Parnell, a racing driver in the early 1950s became later successful  manager of the Aston Martin sports car team. In 1959 he went to F1 with his own private team with Cooper cars. For 1962 Parnell commissioned Lola’s founder and chief designer Eric Broadley for building F1 car. Established only a few years earlier, Lola’s exploits into single seaters had been limited to the modest Formula Junior class only. The Mk4  had conventional steel spaceframe chassis with fiberglass body panels. The front suspension was somewhat unusual in featuring a top link and a reversed lower wishbone combined twin trailing links to spread the load, instead of the more familiar and simpler double wishbones. Custom Coventry Climax FWMV 1496cc V8 engine was the usual choice for the power unit.  Driven my John Surtees in 1962 Mk4 demonstrated a rather good performance achieving 2 podium finishes.  For the next season Broadley constructed a single Mk4A which was in many ways similar to the Mk4 of 1962, but featured semi-monocoque-style chassis built by additional panelling welded to the tubular members. Parnell continued to enter Lola Mk4A throughout the 1963 season, but could not threaten the top runners. Experienced Maurice Trintignant drove Parnell’s car in the first race of the season in Monaco, and retired early due to clutch failure. The best result of Mk4A was 7th place by Chris Amon in French and British Grand Prix. 

1963F1WCMonaco GP
Driver No.Entrant
Maurice Trintignant17Reg Parnell Racing
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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