Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1964, Brumm, Ferrari, Inaccurate Models, Lorenzo Bandini

1964 Ferrari 158 Bandini (wrong model)

In 1964 for last two Grand Prix (in USA and Mexico) Ferrari cars were entered by the factory-supported but unofficial North American Racing Team (NART), rather than the Scuderia Ferrari factory team (see the 158 Surtees and 1512 Bandini posts). In his series of NART Ferraris Brumm produced 158 car in NART white and blue colors with the racing number 8. This combination of model and racing number does not existed in reality. In 1964 Surtees used NART 158 with number 7, while Bandini drove #8 NART 1512, which has obvious visible differences from 158. So it’s Surtees car with Bandini’s number. Brumm produced this “fiction” North American Racing Team entry in error. The wrong model was withdrawn from production and replaced with the true one with the same reference number (R291B).

Driver No.Entrant
Lorenzo Bandini8North American Racing Team
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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