Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1976, Boro, Larry Perkins, Spark

1976 Boro 001 Perkins

Boro, a fusion of the first two letters of brothers Bob and Rody Hoogenboom, was short-lived Formula 1 team in 1976-1977. The Hoogenbooms were the owners of a security company HB Bewaking from the town of Bovenkerk, Netherlands , which provides alarm systems. Impressed by the results of the early Ensigns, in 1975 HB Bewaking  backed the development and construction of a fresh design for Ensign to enter cars for  Dutch drivers Roelof Wunderink and Gijs van Lennep. The Dutch funding meant that Ensign owner Mo Nunn could add the talented engineer Dave Baldwin to his staff. Starting with a clean sheet, they together designed the new Ensign N175 for 1975 season. The N175 was built around the readily available drivetrain consisting of a Cosworth DFV V8 and a Hewland gearbox. This was bolted onto a sheet-aluminium monocoque chassis as a fully stressed unit. The deal made HB Bewaking the owner of everything they paid, including the cars. At the end of 1975 Nunn found a new sponsor, and the dispute between Nunn and Hoogenbooms ended up with HB Bewaking as proprietor of the car. The Hoogenboom brothers set up a factory to work on the N175, the car was renamed as Boro 001, but the team was not very well prepared. Boro entered the 001 for Australian Larry Perkins for 6 races in 1976, but achieved only two finishes, the best being eighth place for Larry Perkins in the 1976 Belgian Grand Prix. Next year the Hoogenbooms tried the same 001 in two Grand Prix with Brian Henton. For Perkins the sporadic F1 appearances in various teams in 1974-76 was just a small episode of his long career which lasted 34 seasons – from 1970 till 2003. The Australian is best known on the national scene, when he drove in formula single-seaters (F Ford, F3, F2, F Pacific), sport cars, touring cars, and even in rallycross. The scale model by Spark represents Perkins’ car from his 6-place finish at the Belgian Grand Prix 1976, which was the best achievement for both Boro and Perkins in F1.

1976F1WCBelgian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Larry Perkins37HB Bewaking Alarm Systems
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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