In addition to Grand Prix and Voiturette classes, Cyclecars was a popular racing class in 1910s. A cyclecar was a type of small, lightweight and inexpensive car which filled the gap in the market between the motorcycle and the car. One or the major cyclecars manufacturer from 1901 to 1925 was the Bourbeau et Devaux Co. of Paris, France. The company was founded by Henri Bourbeau Henri Devaux. The Bedelia (named after first letters of the founders names) was an interesting car whereby the passenger and driver sat in a for and aft position. Initially powered by single cylinder Aster engines the company later installed their own belt driven V2 units. In 1913 Henri Bourbeau in his Bedelia BD2 sport model won the first major cyclecars race – I Grand Prix de l’ACF des Cyclecars in Amiens.

Driver No.Entrant
Henri Bourbeau5
Scale ManufacturerCollection
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