Grand Prix History in Scale Models

2004, Juan Pablo Montoya, Minichamps, Williams

2004 Williams FW26 Montoya

The BMW-powered FW26 for the 2004 season was designed by Patrick Head, Gavin Fisher and Antonia Terzi. The most distinctive feature of the FW26 was short, stubby nosecone connected to the front wing by sloping vertical spars which allowed more airflow to the underside of the car. The radical nose designed by Gavin Fisher was finally replaced with a more conventional one for the final stages of the season. The car driven by Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya was reliable but not the fastest in the peloton. However Montoya was able to take a single Williams victory that season winning the final round of the Championship in Brazil.

Driver No.Entrant
Juan Pablo Montoya3BMW Williams F1 Team
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