Trojan, British car manufacturer, was founded in 1914 and operated 100 years until 2013. It the mid of its existence, in 1960-70s Trojan had some experience in sports and racing car production. In 1973 Jody Scheckter won  Sports Car Club of America’s L&M Championship with  Trojan T101 F5000 car designed by Ron Tauranac. Next season Trojan and Tauranac shifted the focus on Formula 1 developing on the base of F5000 projects new F1 car. The T103 was a wholly conventional design, consisted of a sheet-aluminium monocoque chassis with the Cosworth DFV and Hewland gearbox used as fully stressed members. With the backing from Suzuki, which was imported into the UK by one of Trojan’s sister companies, a single T103 was entered in the F1 World Championship for Tim Schenken. Tim participated in 8 Grand Prix in 1974, starting 6 times with 2 DNQ, and finishing best as 10th at Belgian and Austrian Grand Prix.

1974F1WCBelgian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Tim Schenken41Trojan-Tauranac Racing
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Villa Model
Cat. No.QualityRarity
Built kit