Maria Teresa de Filippis was the first woman to race in Formula One. She was born in Naples in a wealthy aristocratic family and at the age of 22 she already had some experience in hill climbs, endurance and sportscar racing. In 1958 she entered for Monaco Grand Prix, her debut appearance in Formula One behind the wheel of privately entered Maserati 250F. The Maserati team officially withdrew from the sport at the end of 1957 but many of the cars remained, being driven by privateers. De Filippis set 22nd qualifying time out of 31 entrants, but was not qualified as only 16 cars allowed to start. At her next race, 1958 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa de Filippis qualified in last place, nearly 34 seconds off Tony Brooks’ pole position time. Although she was lapped twice in the 24 lap race she managed to finish, albeit in 10th and last place. The model is conversion of Maserati 250F from Poligrafici Maserati Collection.

1958F1WCMonaco GP
Driver No.Entrant
Maria Teresa de Filippis44Maria Teresa de Filippis
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Grani & Partners / Conversion[Poligrafici Maserati Collection]
Cat. No.QualityRarity
No. 03