Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1967, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Matra, Spark

1967 Matra MS7 Beltoise

The MS7 was the second Matra car raced in Formula 1. After debut in 1966 with MS5, Equipe Matra Sports built next model, designed by Bernard Boyer. As its predecessor, MS7 was Formula 2 car occasionally raced in Formula 1. The car was powered by Ford Cosworth FVA L4 1.6 liter engine. In the 1967 World Championship the MS7 participated only in two final rounds of the season, in USA and Mexico. Both times the car driven by Jean-Pierre Beltoise came 7th at the finish. The car was also used in 1968 and 1969 in few races. At the same time the MS7 was much more successful in Formula 2 in those years. Jacky Ickx, Jean-Pierre Beltoise and Johnny Servoz-Gavin won the European Championship in 1967-1969 respectively, all driving the MS7 at least at some races.

1967F1WCFrench GP
Driver No.Entrant
Jean-Pierre Beltoise22Matra Sports
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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