Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1968, LDS, Sam Tingle, Spark

1968 LDS Mk3B Tingle

South African Grand Prix in the 1960s always provided an unusual entry list where regular Grand Prix contenders faced a lot of local drivers, cars, and teams from South African Formula One Championship. One of the local racing specials were LDS cars, built by Louis Douglas Serrurier, hence the name. Serrurier himself raced his cars in 1962 – 1965, while LDS main driver in later editions of South African Grand Prix was Rhodesian Sam Tingle. In 1968 Tingle was entered with the Team Gunston sponsored by South African cigarette brand. The car was the third LDS model (Mk3B) powered by 3-liter Repco engine. Tingle qualified in the penultimate 22nd position and retired in the middle of the race due to engine overheating. It was the final appearance of LDS cars in the World Championship.

1968F1WCSouth African GP
Driver No.Entrant
Sam Tingle18Team Gunston
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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