Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1989, Aguri Suzuki, Spark, Zakspeed

1989 Zakspeed 891 Suzuki

The 891 designed by Gustav Brunner was the last Formula One car to be produced by Zakspeed. For the 1989 season the German team first time used an engine from a different manufacturer than their own. Yamaha OX88 engine was found to be a very underpowered  producing only 550 bhp in comparison to the 650 – 700 bhp of the top four engines, the V10’s of Honda (McLaren) and Renault (Williams), the Ferrari V12, and the Ford V8 (Benetton). The 891 was driven by  German Bernd Schneider in his second year with the team and F1 rookie Japanese Aguri Suzuki. Due to zero points scored in 1988 the team was forced into pre-qualifying in order to be able to try to qualify for a race. During the entire season, Schneider only managed to break through the qualifying sieve twice – in Brazil and Japan, and both starts ended in retirement. As to Suzuki, the pre-qualification barrier proved to be insurmountable for him in all 16 rounds of the Championship. The scale model representing Suzuki’s car from the Japanese Grand Prix is the Spark special limited edition for Japanese Forza model car store.

1989F1WCJapanese GP
Driver No.Entrant
Aguri Suzuki35West Zakspeed Racing
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43SparkForza Store Edition
Cat. No.QualityRarity
058 out of 599 Limited Edition

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