Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1989, EuroBrun, Oscar Larrauri, Spark

1989 EuroBrun ER189 Larrauri (Japanese GP)

In 1989 Argentinian Oscar Larrauri re-joined the EuroBrun team from Italian Grand Prix onwards, but failed to pre-qualify in the final three European rounds. Walter Brun faced serious financial troubles before the remaining 2 overseas races in Japan and Australia. It was Japanese architect Yutaka Nanikawa,  former supporter of Walter Brun in Group C times, who took over the costs with his brand Alpha to enable the team to attend the Japanese Grand Prix at all. The EuroBrun ER189 Judd was re-painted in black and decorated in Alpha livery. But again pre-qualifying barrier stopped Larrauri together with eight more drivers. See also ER189 in the Jägermeister livery.

1989F1WCJapanese GP
Driver No.Entrant
Oscar Larrauri33EuroBrun Racing
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43SparkRaceland Gold Edition
Cat. No.QualityRarity
080 of 400 pcs. Limited Edition made exclusively for Raceland

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