Grand Prix History in Scale Models

2-Seaters, 2002, Michael Schumacher, Minardi, Minichamps

2002 Minardi F1X2 Schumacher

Following the acquisition of Minardi, Paul Stoddart, inspired by the McLaren MP4/98T two-seater, decided to build his own  two-seated F1 car. Due to Stoddart’s previous connections with Tyrrell, some former employees of the team worked on the car, and the two-seated model was largely based on Tyrrell 026. The car was designed and manufactured in-house by European Formula Racing. It featured carbon fibre composite chassis with aluminium honeycomb sandwich and was powered by Cosworth JD 3.0 V10 engine, badged as European, capable of 700 bhp. As a two-seater, the F1X2 had around 200 mm longer wheelbase (3370 mm) ad length  (4870 mm) comparing to single-seated F1 cars. Built according to all FIA safety specifications, the F1X2 had all necessary protecting features including roll bar and impact resistance elements affecting safety. The car was completed in 2000, and 8 chassis were produced. Actually, the F1X2 was a real Formula 1 car just a few seconds per lap slower than single-seated bolides. 

The F1X2 was used extensively in various Minardi promotional and commercial events. In October  2002 F1X2 was used in a private session at Fiorano track. It was something of a special day as part of Michael Schumacher’s holiday. Michael was driving Minardi two-seater version, which had been specially painted in Ferrari red. Michael took his wife Corinna, Jean Todt, Willi Weber and other friends around and also Paul Stoddart to give his closest friends the chance to sample the thrill of speed, covering around one hundred laps.

2002Fiorano Private Session
Driver No.Entrant
Michael Schumacher
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

1272 pcs. Limited Edition

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