In the late 1970s there were several six-wheeled F1 car designs by Tyrrell, March and Ferrari, although Tyrrell’s P34 was the only example which raced. The six-wheeled 312T6, experimental Ferrari 6-wheeled car,  used four normal size wheels at the rear, specially developed for the purpose. The car was tested by both Niki Lauda and Carlos Reutemann in 1977, but it never raced. Quite apart from the fact that it was far wider than the regulations permitted it also proved a challenge to drive. First time the car was tested at Fiorano track on 10th march 1977, when Niki Lauda finished his test with the 312T2 and make couple of laps in T6. Few days later, on 13th March, Lauda proved T6 at  the Nardo oval test track, Fiat property, located near the town of Lecce, the southeast of Italy. Despite the car faced some tyre deformation and aerodynamics problems, Lauda was optimistically positive about the Ferrari six wheeler. The development tests continued in spring 1977 at Fiorano with Carlos Reutemann behind the wheel. His verdict on T6 was clearly it was a fright and far from good. Carlos spun with the car when it swerved violently to the left, letting him hitting the guardrail. The car suffered various damage, the suspension broke of the car. Niki Lauda would test the car a couple of times more, but soon the project was abandoned, and FIA banned 6-wheel cars shortly after.

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Niki Lauda11Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFAC
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1:43IXOFabbri Ferrari F1 Collection
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No. 66