Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1984, Martin Brundle, Minichamps, Tyrrell

1984 Tyrrell 012 Brundle

The 012, designed by Maurice Philippe, was introduced for the 1983 season. In the 1984 the car was further developed with smaller sidepods and a larger rear wing to increase downforce. Two drivers position in the team were taken by the young and talented British Martin Brundle and German Stefan Bellof. Brundle secured a fifth place finish during the season opener in Brazil. The German added another point to Tyrrell’s tally in Belgium by finished sixth. Bellof continued to impress and scored another fifth at San Marino and a third in the rain soaked Monaco Grand Prix. At Detroit Martin Brundle finished second, less than a second behind Nelson Piquet. Tyrrell’s good results had attracted the attention of the scrutineers, who took a very close look at the car after the Brundle’s second at Detroit. They discovered a hydrocarbon content and lead balls in the water-injection tank. Refueling was illegal, but the team could top the water tank during a pit stop. The FIA believed that what Tyrrell’s mechanics added during the pit stops was not solely water. The lead balls were added to raise the car’s weight to meet the 540 kg limit and the hydrocarbon content was in fact fuel. Ken Tyrrell put up a big fight, but eventually his team was stripped of all the points scored and banned from competing in any further Grand Prix in 1984. The second part of the sentence was eventually dropped and the Tyrrells were allowed to run, but were not eligible to score any points.

1984F1WCDetroit GP
Driver No.Entrant
Martin Brundle3Tyrrell Racing Organisation
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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