Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1953, Ernst Klodwig, Formula 2, Formula143 Special, Heck, Racing Dioramics

1953 Heck-BMW Klodwig

Beginning of the 1950s was the Golden Age for the East German motorsport. Many local drivers and small constructors built their own cars, many of which used pre-war BMW 328 sports car as engine and parts donor. Local Formula 2 and sports car championships were multi rounds competitions attracting not only German drivers from both West and East, but some people from the rest of Europe. Ernst Klodwig was one of the best racing drivers in the GDR alongside Paul Greifzu , Rudolf Krause and Edgar Barth. Born in Aschersleben in what became East Germany, Ernst Klodwig started racing in Formula 2 in his ‘Eigenbau’ (special) BMW in 1950 at Dessau. His car was different as it had the engine in the back, a layout pioneered by Auto Union pre-war. It was called the Heck-BMW, ‘Heck’ meaning ‘rear’ in German and it was to become the first rear engine car to compete in an World Championship race. He continued in his national F2 series in 1952 as well as contesting the German Grand Prix. He qualified on the back of the grid and circulated at a modest pace to finish 12th, 4 laps behind the winner, and unclassified. 1953 saw much of the same. In East German F2 he had a number of podium finishes and once again entered the German Grand Prix. Qualifying last he was still running at the finish in 15th, three laps down and once again unclassified.  Klodwig ended his driving career at the end of the 1954 season and settled in West Germany.

This scale model made by Racing Dioramics does not accurately reflect the proportions of the car. As shown in the race photos, the 1953 car had the same shape as the Heck-BMW raced by Krause in the 1952 German Grand Prix (see it here). The nose of the car was shorter and the cockpit was much more forward than in the scale model.

See also model of 1952 Heck-BMW by Villa Model.

1953F2WCGerman GP
Driver No.Entrant
Ernst Klodwig37Ernst Klodwig
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Racing Dioramics
Cat. No.QualityRarity
Formula143 Special Edition

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