Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1954, Fabbri Ferrari F1 Collection, Ferrari, IXO, Mike Hawthorn

1954 Ferrari 625 Hawthorn

Ferrari Tipo 625 was the same car as Ferrari 500, but fitted with the new 2.5 litre engine according new Formula 1 regulations. In the mid-season six Ferrari 500 cars were modified with the new 2.5 power unit.  The 625 F1 Lampredi inline-four engine displaced 2498.32 cc and could produce between 210–230 PS  at 7000 rpm with two Weber 50DCO carburettors.   Actually, the car was designed in 1951, prior to the move to Formula 2 regulations. Scuderia built the car that would become known as the Ferrari 500 F2. However, a 2.5-liter version of the car, known as the 625, had been first tested in September of 1951. In fact, the 625 had been the original design and the 500 F2 had been taken from it. In the 1954 Scuderia used the 625 as main vehicle, and occasionally the 553 had chances to start. The only win of the 625 in the World Championship Grand Prix happened at Silverstone when Scuderia finished 1-2 with  Jose Froilan Gonzales and Mile Hawthorn. Another works 625 driven by Maurice Trintignant came home fifth. The scale model from Ferrari F1 Collections represents the car driven by Hawthorn in the 1954 British Grand Prix.

1954F1WCBritish GP
Driver No.Entrant
Mike Hawthorn11Scuderia Ferrari
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43IXOFabbri Ferrari F1 Collection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
No. 40

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