Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1952, Formula 2, Formula143 Special, Gunther Bechem, Holbein, Racing Dioramics

1952 Holbein HH48 Bechem

The racing driver Hermann Holbein began after the end of World War II with the development of his own racing cars. Holbein began converting a standard production BMW 328 into a more competitive race car. Initially he was involved in the construction of the very first Veritas RS sports car, but progress did not develop as he liked it and so he decided to do it his own way. His first car was Holbein HH47 sports car built in 1947. The HH47 runs convexed from the front end to the back of the car the Veritas featured a straight horizontal line with bends only near the ends of the bodywork. In 1948 Holbein designed Formula 2 car, HH48, featured spaceframe chassis, which was mounted on a solid box section, and the powered  by BM328 engine. In spite of building up a second Formula 2 car with a true spaceframe chassis, the HH49, Holbein soon lost interest in racing and tried to go a common way among German post-war constructors by building up a series production of small cars of the “Champion” marque. HH48 raced in few races in 1948 -1951 by fritz Reiss and Carl Bossong  before selling the car to Karl-Günther Bechem for 1951. The car appeared in the entry list for the German Grand Prix to be driven by the obscure “Bernhard Nacke”. This soon turned out to be a pseudonym for Karl-Günther Bechem, whose growing fame made him afraid of having a bad effect on the reputation of his father’s business. He started the race from the last row of the grid and retired during the sixth lap with engine troubles.

1952F2WCGerman GP
Driver No.Entrant
Gunther Bechem130Bernhard Nacke
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Racing Dioramics
Cat. No.QualityRarity
Formula143 Special Edition

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