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1952, Elie Bayol, Formula 2, OSCA, TW Collection, Villa Model

1952 OSCA 20 Bayol

The OSCA company had already made its presence known in the World Championship with its OSCA 4500 Tipo G back in 1951. The design for the new  ’20’ built according to Formula 2 regulations,  would start with the 4500 Tipo G. The overall shape of the car would bare great similarity, but with some minor differences. The main difference in the overall design of the 20 from the 4500 would have to do with the nose of the car. The smaller engine, therefore, enabled the Maserati brothers to design a car with a lower-profile nose although it would still sport a large oval-shaped grille covering the radiator and oil cooler. The smaller 6-cylinder engine would have the added effect of shortening the wheelbase and overall length of the car. In 1952, one of the first drivers of the OSCA 20 would be Elie Bayol. Bayol had participated in rounds of the French Formula 2 Championship with an OSCA MT4, but would put in an order for a 20. Bayol would promptly take the car and take part in the seventh round of the French Formula 2 Championship, which was the 16th Grand Prix de Comminges. Elie Bayol would take the car to the Italian Grand Prix to its first World Championship experience. Bayol qualified the OSCA to  surprisingly high 10th position. While appearing to be promising, the race would end up rather embarrassing. About the time the green flag waved to start the race, the gearbox on the OSCA came apart. Bayol’s race was over before having completed a single lap. This was a truly embarrassing moment for OSCA, but it would not be the end of the World Championship hopes for OSCA and its 20 chassis. In 1953, Elie Bayol and Louis Chiron would both drive an OSCA 20 in the two rounds of the World Championship in which Elie Bayol retired in the French and Italian Grand Prix due to failures. Chiron would experience different results. He would manage a 15th place result in the French Grand Prix and a 10th place result in the Italian Grand Prix.

1952F2WCItalian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Elie Bayol34 Elie Bayol
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43TW Collection / Villa Model
Cat. No.QualityRarity
– / VM520

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