Shadow DN5 was designed by Tony Southgate and built by Shadow Racing Cars for 1975 Formula One season. The DN5 was the further evolution of DN3 from 1974. The car was built around an aluminium monocoque, which used the Cosworth DFV V8 as a fully stressed member. DN5 inherited a  low and long nose with twin nostrils that fed the oil cooler. The water radiators were mounted on either side of the monocoque. The DN5 was updated into a ‘B’ specification for the 1976 Formula One season, and was used also in first two races of the 1977 season. Italian Renzo Zorzi, ex-Formula 3 driver who had couple of F1 appearances with Frank Williams team in 1975-76 returned to Formula One in 1977 with the Shadow team as team-mate to Welsh driver Tom Pryce. Zorzi was backed by their Italian sponsor Franco Ambrosio who demanded an Italian driver as part of the agreement for his financial support. Driving DN5B Zorzi took 6th place in the second round of the championship, in Brazil, earning his only point in F1. The team switched to new DN8 from the next race in South Africa. In this race Zorzi was involved in tragic accident with his teammate Tom Pryce. Zorzi pulled off the track with a fuel leak caused by a broken metering unit, and the car caught fire. Zorzi quickly got out of the car and activated his on-board fire extinguisher which doused the flames. Several seconds later, although the fire was out, two marshals ran across the track with hand-held fire extinguishers. One of them was struck and killed by the car of Pryce. His  extinguisher struck Pryce on his helmet, causing fatal head and neck injuries. Zorzi career in Formula 1 ended after a few races. When Zorzi arrived in Monaco for the 1977 Monaco Grand Prix, he found that his car had Riccardo Patrese’s name on it, and that he had been replaced by Patrese, another Ambrosio protege, without being informed.

1977F1WCBrazilian GP
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Renzo Zorzi17Shadow Racing Team
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