Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1:64, 2016, Dallara, Greenlight, Helio Castroneves, IndyCar

2016 Dallara DW12 (IR12) Mk. II – Chevrolet Castroneves

For 2016 season bodywork updates were issued by both manufacturers to their aerokits. Compared to the Chevrolet aero kit, the Honda kit saw numerous changes, with the front wing being altered from a stacked triple element, to a simpler dual element section, with a new endplate section introduced. In addition, new sidepods were introduced on the road course kit, while a new tyre ramp was introduced with it, and vents were added to the rear wing endplates. In response to the flipping incidents of Chevrolet powered cars at the 2015 Indianapolis 500, domed skids were reintroduced to the series. Zylon bodywork tethers were also added to the cars, to prevent loose bodywork from leaving a car, and striking another competitor, following the death of Justin Wilson, who was struck by loose bodywork.

Helio Castroneves stayed with Penske Team for the 5th consecutive season in 2016. With 504 points, Castroneves was fourth in the drivers’ championship, achieving no wins, but taking five podiums.  In the Indianapolis 500, he led 24 laps after qualifying ninth, and  finishing 11th after a lap-160 collision with Hildebrand.

2016IndyCar Series
Driver No.Entrant
Helio Castroneves3Team Penske
ChassisEngineCar Name
Dallara DW12 (IR12) Mk. IIChevroletPennzoil
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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