Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1979, Formula 2, March, Masahiro Hasemi, Minichamps

1979 March 792 Hasemi

From 1978, March concentrated on Formula Two, running the works BMW team. Bruno Giacomelli and his 782 was a strong contender in the 1978 season, and would eventually go on to win the F2 title. For 1979 March constructed their first ground-effect car, the 792. It was powered by 300 hp 2000 cc four cylinder BMW M Power engine. Swiss Marc Surer drove the 792 to  the 1979 championship. There were 32 examples of the 792 constructed, driven by many drivers in the European F2 Championship and All Nippon F2 Championship.

All-Nippon championship, top-level formula racing series in Japan, started in 1973 as All-Japan Formula 2000. The series was based on the European Formula Two Championship. But unlike European F2, which only allowed the use of racing engines based on mass production models, the JAF approved the use of purpose-built racing engines from manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Motors. In 1976, the FIA modified the Formula Two regulations to allow the use of purpose-built racing engines. With this change, the reasoning behind the name “Formula 2000” had disappeared, which led to the series being renamed the All-Japan Formula Two Championship from 1978.

Masahiro Hasemi drove the 792 for Tomy Racing Team in the Japanese F2 1979 season. He won one round of the series, Suzuka Golden Trophy, and finished 5th in the championship. Next year Hasemi became the Japanese Formula 2 champion with March 802.

1979All-Nippon Formula 2 Championship
Driver No.Entrant
Masahiro Hasemi11Tomy Racing Team (Nova Engineering)
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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