Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1895, Benz, Gama, Oscar Mueller

1895 Benz Vis-à-Vis Mueller

Benz Victoria was the 4-seated car with vis-a-vis seats (two front and two back)   produced by the Benz motor company from 1893 to 1898. The car was powered by 1990 cc 1-cylinder four-stroke engine developing 4 hp at 500 rpm. The cassis was a frameless wooden bodywork. The car featured  wooden-spoke wheels and wooden-pad brakes, acting on rear tyre. The steering was via king-pin steering with vertical steering column in center of car. The Benz cars took part in first motor racing events in 1894-1899, including Paris-Rouen trial in 1894 which is considered as first organized motor race in history. In 1895 Benz Victoria driven by Oscar Mueller won Chicago Times-Herald Expo Run, the first motor race in America. This car was an imported Benz Vis-à-Vis model with some mechanical modifications performed by Mueller. This very first automotive race in the history of the United States of America took contestants from Chicago to Waukegan and back, covering a distance of 92 miles (approximately 148 kilometers). Publisher Herman Henry Kohlsaat organized the event with a mere two starters. Only Mueller, the son of an industrialist, reached the finish line after more than eight hours. A few weeks later, on 28 November 1895, he raced to second place at the “Chicago Times Herald Contest”, an event dominated by gales and frost.

1895City to CityChicago Times-Herald Expo Run
Driver No.Entrant
Oscar Mueller
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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