Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1907, Brian Phipps, Charles Godard, Conversions, Spyker (Spijker)

1907 Spyker 15 hp Godard

The 1907 endurance race  between Peking (now Beijing) in China and Paris, France, was probably the most epic event in the history of early motor racing. It was first multi-continental race of unprecedented length and difficulty. Five cars have started the race on 10 June 1907 in Peking – one Itala, two de Dions, one Spyker and one three-wheeler Contal cyclecar. Italian car was driven by Prince Scipione Borghese and Ettore Giuzzardi accompanied by the journalist Luigi Barzini. Dutch  Spyker crew consisted of  Charles Godard and Jean du Taillis, journalist or of the Matin newspaper. French de Dions were driven by Georges Cormier and Victor Collingnon, and the cyclecar was piloted by Auguste Pons. The route of the race went through Mongolia, along the entire Russian Empire via Irkutsk, Omsk, Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, to Berlin and finally to Paris. Italian car with its 7-litre engine was the most technically advanced car in the race. Prince Borghese’s team arrived to Paris on 10 August 1907 after 16 000 km two-months journey full of adventures and difficulties. Godard in the Spyker finished 20 days later. De Dions by Cormier and Collignon also were able to reach Paris, while Contal came to grief somewhere in the Gobi Desert.

1907Intercontinental RunsPeking – Paris
Driver No.Entrant
Charles Godard
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Brian Phipps
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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