Mercer Automobile Company was founded in 1909 at Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey by a handful members of the prominent Roebling and Kuser families. Ferdinand Roebling, son of John A. Roebling, famous designer of the Brooklyn Bridge, was the president, and his nephew Washington A. Roebling II was the general manager. The secretary-treasurer was John L. Kuser, who, with his brothers Frederick and Anthony, had amassed a fortune from banking, bottling and brewing. The founders’ focus on the competition resulted in 35R Raceabout racing car. Its inline 4-cylinder T-head engine displaced 293 cubic inches (4,800 cc) and delivered 58 hp at 1700 rpm, in racing trim 85 hp at 2500 rpm. The Mercer Raceabout raced at various AAA events in 1910-1912 seasons. In the 1912 season Mercer team cars were driven by Hughie Hughes, Eddie Pullen, and Spencer Wishart, with Ralph De Palma and Erwin Bergdoll in some races. De Palma won for Mercer the first event of the season, Jepsen Trophy Race at Santa Monica. Pullen took the  First Mintomara Fiesta Race at Tacoma, Wishart was first in  the Columbus race, and Hughes won Aurora Trophy Race at Elgin. Eddie Pullen driving Mercer #31 finished 2nd. Pullen began his racing career in 1912, and his biggest win was the 1914 American Grand Prize at Santa Monica.

1912AAAAurora Trophy Race, Elgin
Driver No.Entrant
Eddie Pullen31Mercer Motors
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Brian Phipps
Cat. No.QualityRarity