Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1955, Bill Vukovich, Indy 500, IndyCar, Kurtis Kraft, SMTS

1955 Kurtis Kraft 500C – Offenhauser Vukovich

Bill Vukovich won the Indy-500 twice, in 1953 and 1954, but it was the “Old Brickyard” where he lost his life in the 1955 Indy-500 race. Vukovich started the 1955 race fifth, went into the lead on lap four, and led the race on lap 57 when trailing three slower cars—driven by Rodger Ward, Al Keller, and Johnny Boyd. Ward breaks a front axle heading onto the back straight, and hits the wall. All cars scramble to avoid Ward, Al Keller runs into Johnny Boyd, who hits Vukovich. His car went over the outside wall and become airborne, it cartwheeled through the air multiple times landing on top of a group of parked cars before coming to rest upside down and bursting into flames. The cockpit side of his car struck a low bridge near Turn 2 when it was airborne. Vukovich was killed instantly. Ward, Boyd and two spectators were injured in the tragic accident. Vukovich hold the record at Indy where he led 72% of the laps he drove in competition in his 5 starts in 1951-55.

1955AAA National ChampionshipIndianapolis 500
Driver No.Entrant
Bill Vukovich4Lindsey Hopkins
ChassisEngineCar Name
Kurtis Kraft 500COffenhauserHopkins Spl.
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
Factory built kit

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