Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1929, Austro-Daimler, Hans Stuck, Starline Models

1929 Austro-Daimler ADM-R Stuck

Austro-Daimler ADM-R is the racecar (Rennwagen) modification of the Austro-Daimler Mittelklasse (mid-size) touring car. The original ADM car was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and was in production in 1923-1928 in various modifications. The single-seated ADM-R was developed by the engineer Karl Rabe, who succeeds Ferdinand Porsche at Austro-Daimler, in 1928. The car was powered by 3-litre 6-cylinder engine developing 12/100 hp.

German Hans Stuck became a works driver for Austro-Daimler in 1927. That year he competed in hill climbs in 2.8-lirtes ADM car, winning four hill climb events. In 1928 Stuck had new ADM-R model, and won 12 hill climbs. In 1929 his ADM-R was victorious in 11 hill climb events. Finally, in 1930 when first European Hill Climb Championship was sanctioned by AIACR, the predecessor of the FIA, Stuck in new ADR 3.6 car took the European title, winning six out of 10 rounds of the championship, and adding six more victories in other hill climbs. In 1931, Austro-Daimler left racing, and Stuck eventually moved to Mercedes-Benz, where he continued the successful career in sports car and Grand Prix racing.

The model is the special edition for fahr(t)raum / Austrian Car Collection museum.

1929Hill Climbs
Driver No.Entrant
Hans Stuck18Austro-Daimler
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Starline Modelsfahr(t)raum / Austrian Car Collection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
917 of 1000 pcs. Limited eEdition

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